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When it comes to close-up magic...seeing isn't always believing

Vince Spade is one of the UK's most popular magicians, he has won 2 International entertainment awards, and because his magic is slick and exciting, he is highly in demand for all types of events and parties,. Whether it's the cool sleight of hand made popular by "Dynamo" or the dazzling "Mind" magic made fashionable by Derren Brown. Vince Spade will make your event memorable and fun.

Vince Spade has an extensive repertoire of effects to entertain your guests, and adds the "Wow Factor" to your party, including scintillating card tricks that defy belief, a signed coin bending in a guests hand, wallet on fire, items vanishing in a puff of smoke, torn and restored money or photo's, and of course... truly stunning and baffling "prediction" and "mind-reading" effects.